Eco Lake Park History


Eco Lake Park was given to Jennings County late in 2007. Cosco Recreation Committee had managed the facility for decades, but had not extensively developed the park. After a period of low usage, the corporate recreational committee opted to grant the facility to Jennings County: to always be managed as a public recreational park. Jennings County is very appreciative of this gift and Cosco/Doreal.

Little information has been passed to JCPR relative to previous history. It was reported that the Lake was once named Bass Lake. The Cosco Recreational Committee named the facility Eco Park. ECO is an acronym derived from Employees of Cosco. We added "Lake" into the name to highlight the lake.

Eco Lake Park is now open to the public with limited amenities. Fishing, hiking, picnicking are available. Restroom facilities are currently not available, although port-lets may be added in 2016. Trash receptacles are supplied, so please use or pack out your trash.

In 2009 JCPR worked with the IDNR to build a boat unloading ramp. The project also upgraded the main road and added additional parking.

Hiking trails were added in 2010. A three mile system was added and basically follows the perimeter of the facility and the north and east side of the lake. Trails are to be revisited in 2016, with one re-route most likely and some general upkeep.

JCPR has used Boy Scouts (Drew Heilers eagle scout project) to help upgrade the facility. Drew and his friends accomplished an incredible amount of work in the fall of 2008. Clearing the dam, building benches, repairing the horseshoe pit, and more.

In 2012 JCPR received a substantial grant from SIHO and Lowe's RDC. This grant ($20,000) upgraded many areas of the facility.

JCPR did receive a grant for playground equipment late 2015. This was a combination of a Jennings County Community Foundation/Lilly Endowment grant and also the vendor, Game-time Inc. New equipment was added in 2018.