"Our Mission is to provide adequate and diversified recreational opportunity
to meet the needs of the citizens of our community, while protecting and
promoting our significant natural and historic resources"

JCPR is committed to serving the public and proud to oversee our two recreational facilities.
We have our five year master plan available for your review:
► JCPR MP 2020 FC 1-5
► JCPR MP 2020 FC 6-10
► Appendix 2020 FC

Mission of Muscatatuck Park and Eco Lake Park:

Both JCPR properties are managed as District Parks/Historic District Parks. With a regionally attractive campground, significant natural and historic features, and a wide range of special events, this is the park classification that best suits both properties. JCPR properties also double as Community Parks. This is primarily the result of a lack of developed recreational land in Jennings. A balance has evolved, and local family reunions, weddings and the like work reasonably well with regional park demands.

JCPR is an active community partner. JCPR supports and works often with the Town of Vernon, North Vernon, as well as private organizations to assist and further recreation in the community. Partnering possibilities exist on our properties as well as potentially technical assistance. Feel free to contact us if you have an inquiry.