Muscatatuck Park hosts almost 10 miles of trail. Trails are multiple use (non-motorized) The majority of the trails are mountain bike friendly, and we annually host the DINO Mountain Biking series each year.

Mountain Bike trails are designed for three levels of expertise. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Park trails are considered fairly technical. Most large inclines have been removed and the course winds along the contour of the many small ravines.

Highlights of the trails are overlooks of the Muscatatuck River, two marshes, plenty of wildlife, and a pleasantly flowing system. Trails have recently been re-marked in the field.

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Muscatatuck Trail:
Construction of this paved walkway was completed in late 2016. There is over a mile of paved trail. Trail starts at the West entrance parking area and goes north to the North Vernon mini-park or into downtown North Vernon. This creates a great out and back! Bike path signage will soon direct you to the new Tripton Park (0.75 m) connecting to approximately 2.5 miles of paved trail.

Tunnel Mill:

Tunnel Mill can be accessed from the Muscatatuck Park campground via a mostly level one mile stroll along the river. From Dog Farm Bridge head left over bridge, walk 0.2 miles to the gravel lane, 25 W. Travel east along the lane (overlooking the river) for 0.3 miles to a Crosley gate and trail head. Historic Tunnel is 0.2 miles along trail. Feel free to walk through when water is low.

Tunnel Mill was an early pioneer grist mill. The engineering of the tunnel through the limestone ridge is considered:
    "...one of the most remarkable industrial structures of pioneer days."
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